Prevision is one of the cleanest and most versitile prediction methods out there.
Each and everytime you manage to accurately predict a chosen word or number and leave the audience with lasting proof of the event.

The effect
You give your spectator a URL to a vimeo video (either published on your twitter/facebook feed earlier or directly via a text message or email). Before they open the video you ask them to name any word or number. After they settle on a word and confirm that it was a free choice, you ask them to open the video. It shows you writing down their exact word. The video was visibly uploaded days ago.

For example:
-Word written on a piece of paper
-Name written on a playing card
-License plate number
-Numbers on a lottery ticket
-Name on a Starbucks cup
-Time on an alarm clock
-Text on a chalk board
-Word tattooed on skin
-Word on billboard

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-Includes up to 3 personal reveal videos (multiple reveals in a single video are possible at an additional fee)
-TV and radio performance rights not included
-Limited to 100 purchases worldwide
-As we expect a high demand for the effect, please allow some time for your video to be ready. First come, first serve.
-Additional personal reveal videos available for $250 after buying the effect